The other commission asked for by a repeat customer! It’s a flat-color Sasha from Attack on Titan with a few extra pounds added on. She’s kinda found another job opportunity since she’s not too good at slaying titans…

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Commission me here!

Since everyone has been hooting and hollering about Fem Terry. I thought I’d toss my hat into the ring. Of course… with a few extra pounds of muscle added.  Jublife XXX is a subsidiary magazine of the larger Amie-Girl brand used as a sort of an up-scale pin-up magazine. There’s no apparent Amie-Girl branding since the magazine has a less “advertiser-friendly” appeal.

Never stop world-building.

Stream Sketch #39: Nakoruru Regrettably Squats

After havng some trouble finding a man, Nakoruru turns to Rera to get some advice to land a boy friend.  But Rera likes to give advice that works for her, but nor really for everybody. She basically told Nako just to walk around without pants and see where that takes her. Clearly what works for some doesn’t work for all.

Haruka for #36 is right around the corner…

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Also fuck this pose.

My first real attempt at drawing a slender, petite figure since Marie Rose from Regiment 803. I think I’ve gotten better at drawing the form from my last go-around. Anyway. Here’s Yagami; a former slave of Rin’s who managed to gain a large amount of power through a hiccup in the curse put upon him, transforming him into a woman. A dreadful and gloomy character to match Kyo’s apathy and disinterest.  She’s an average witch type who has a head for books and studying, constantly searching for a cure to reverse the gender-bending spell put upon her by Rin.

There a little story for Yagami to give her dimension. I love bending a character so far it just hits OC territory.

Here’s a high-res of my first attempt drawing a transwoman/femboy/trap covered the bases. Went with the lead of the KOF games, Kyo Kusanagi, who is now funny enough also apart of Rin Aensland’s head canon. I tried to make the chest as flat as possible and I wanna give it another whirl in the future…