A crossover pairing that has been requested a few times before, I think because both characters (Lucian Aensland and  Stevonnie Maheswaran have a level of sexual innocence that makes them an interesting pair for a crossover. Lucian, of course would read to Stevie reciting his favorite love poems and ballads. But Stevonnie would totally be interested, volunteering to read poems as well in a goofy, playful voice. They would dress down for the occasion to put Lucian at ease a bit. While drawing it, the pairing did grow on me a bit. They both are very naive but also lively.

Ladies and gentlemen: Stecian or Luconnie

For anyone still paying attention to Lucian’s head canon, don’t worry, he’s still dating ND.

So is Pearl still rocking the summer bod her and Jasper worked on? Noticed some abs on her in that ‘aftermath’ pic. Wonder if she’ll start losing that shape since autumn and winter are coming around. Personally I kinda hope she tries to stick with it.

Oh… she probably will start creeping back into her old cookie guzzling habits. But with Jasper now being concerned with Pearl’s health, I think Jas and Clara will really try to make sure that Pearly is in shape and proud of her body.

… it’s pretty interesting with this dynamic all things considered. Especially because the two roommates have had TONS of sexual tension between each other for three years. So it feels good capitalizing on it somehow.

You’ve probably already answered this, but in the SU au, does steven not exist? Like, is stevonnie the connie AND steven of the au? (Sorry, thats probably weirdly worded >>)

Ooooh… I should actually try to explain this one.

Stevonnie in this universe is still a fusion of Steven and Connie, however both kids were fathered by Greg, one by Priyanka and the other by a transient RQ. The two children were fused much earlier on in their lives and never separated since. Because Stevonnie was created in a fusion at such an early age, they do not have any memory of it and maintains that they were born one person. So yes, they DID exist but Stevie doesn’t remember either side of their brain.

You’re fiiiiine, hon!

Golly, you guys don’t have to apologize so much for asking questions about the characters and lore… that’s what i’m here for! 🙆🏻‍♀️💖💖💖