A crossover pairing that has been requested a few times before, I think because both characters (Lucian Aensland and  Stevonnie Maheswaran have a level of sexual innocence that makes them an interesting pair for a crossover. Lucian, of course would read to Stevie reciting his favorite love poems and ballads. But Stevonnie would totally be interested, volunteering to read poems as well in a goofy, playful voice. They would dress down for the occasion to put Lucian at ease a bit. While drawing it, the pairing did grow on me a bit. They both are very naive but also lively.

Ladies and gentlemen: Stecian or Luconnie

For anyone still paying attention to Lucian’s head canon, don’t worry, he’s still dating ND.

Ask Jasper Vol. 12

Jasper playing with her personas and getting her new tattoos! It’s been a while since i’ve posted an ask comp. But since i’m working on a new character post in a new format, I thought I would fill the content void with this. ESPECIALLY because I still have quite a number of backlogged Steven Universe sketches.

Wondering how beach bod will affect Pearl’s personality. Guessing she’ll still be super bashful.

Pearl is pretty humble about her new body after working out with Jasper. While it’s not as MUCH progress as she hoped, it was plenty to make her much more confident about her body image.She’s still shy and a little detached but a lot of the fright and embarrassment she used to have is long gone. 


Especially after Jasper told Pearl that she should be embracing her large behind after buying Pearl a tighter swimsuit than even Blue Diamond.~