Rule 63 Christmas Stream Sketch raffle

Opening raffle names for a possible stream sketch that is Christmas themed. I already have a subject character in mind for the thicc Christmas drawing, but I wanted to open selections for some more rule63 traps after 63 Beatrix went well.

Leave your suggestions and choices in the replies or in a reblog. No DM or inboxes please.

Stream Sketch #50: Merida

Finally did the stream raffle winner for the Disney characters-themed Stream Sketch. I was never a big fan of Brave as a movie. Only because it was marketed as a big adventure and then it kinda turned into a family drama instead. But that’s neither here nor there. As a pin-up subject, Merida comes off as a rebel, someone who is always disobeying her mom just to get under her skin.

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Stream Sketch #46: Iris

Another stream sketch featuring robot butts. For some reason I had the urge to draw the other Mission Control Reploid from Megaman X, but with human parts. Iris WOULD be the type who’d have human biology and be very nervous about utilizing sais anatomy. I think that the only blemish on Iris is that SPOILER SPOILER SPOILER was embarrassing.

Stream Sketch #45: Chun Michaels Li

If you can’t tell at this point from the Chie sketch, yes. I’m making a wrestling themed AU with @capnxero.  I’m super excited to add characters to this because on top of me doing the character designs, Xero is going to handle the bios and writing for the entire series! This covers one half of the tag team, the Rock-a-Belles.

Name: Chun Michaels Li

Nickname: Lightning Ox Kid

Finisher:Thunderbolt Superkick 

Age: 25

Height: 5’9"

Weight: Never ask a lady!

Billed From: San Diego, California

Status: Tag Team Competitor, One half of the tag team, The Rock-a-Belles

Yes she chose that name on purpose, Chun Michaels Li is member of the two time JPWF tag team champions, The Rock-a-Belles.  Being the smaller half of the two, Li is known mostly for her incredible speed and high risk maneuvers.  Even her finisher is a Superkick off of the top rope delivered with expert accuracy.  Li has a record of being the member who “sells” the match more, constantly throwing herself across the ring and ramping up the dramatics to an extreme level.  Her personality is extremely in-your-face and she has a history outside the ring as being the rockstar that her gimmick entails her to be.  Li has been arrested multiple times for boisterous behaviour and public indecency, and if she wasn’t such a fantastic talent on the roster, management would’ve fired her years ago and given her tag partner a singles push.

Stream Sketch #44: JPWF Women’s No.1 Contender: 

A stream sketch that I was supposed to do during a cancelled Wrasslestream that was supposed to be done in concurrence with WWE’s Hell in Cell.  I managed to catch up and do this for the Friday Night Stream Sketch instead.  And if you can’t tell at this point from the Chie sketch, yes. I’m making a wrestling themed AU with @capnxero.  I’m super excited to add characters to this because on top of me doing the character designs, Xero is going to handle the bios and writing for the entire series! Here’s the bio for Chie’s top competition, Peach Toadstool and manager Daisy Sarasa!

Name: ‘Princess’ Peach Toadstool 

Nickname: Princess Peach

Peach Blossom DDT 

Age: ??? 

Height: 5’6" / 5’7" 

Weight: Never ask a lady! 

Billed From: The Mushroom Kingdom 

Theme: Electrodrome (Mario Kart 8) 

 Status: Singles Competitor, #1 Contender for JPWF Women’s Heavyweight Champion 

 Manager: ‘Princess’ Daisy Sarasa 

 "Life is just… Peachy!“

Some fight for everything they have in life from the moment they are born.  Others just so happen to be brought into this world straight into the finest things in life.  Having had the finest education the world had to offer, a young Peach found herself enamored with various sports and athletic events.  However, none managed to bring such a euphoric rush as wrestling in her debut match within the JPWF.  Almost a caricature of perfection, the overjoyed princess hoped to have a massive following, though thanks to her manager somehow ignores the near copious boos that come her way the moment her theme plays.

Daisy, Peach’s best friend and princess of the neighboring Sarasaland region, while royalty herself never reached any of the heights of her friend.  Instead, she found herself as the shadow of Peach’s success, using it to her advantage as Peach climbed the ranks in JPWF, all the way to the inaugural title match with Chie Satonaka.  While the fiery ace managed to pin the pink princess on their initial match, the battle is far from over as Peach (with Daisy’s assistance) continues to gun for the JPWF Women’s Heavyweight Championship.  To Peach, it’s just a matter of time.

Stream Sketch #40: JPWF Women’s Heavyweight Champion Chie Satonaka

Did a special wrestling themed stream sketch for the always bombastic WrassleStream with @capnxero and friends! Since no one gave me any names for the raffle, I went with the dealer’s pick, which was Chie Satonaka from Persona 4. Chie has just won the JPWF Women’s Heavyweight championship, coming in as the underdog of the match. After claiming gold, she did a short interview and went to the back. She then came back out when other members of the locker room lured her into a lewd prank. They just weren’t expecting Chie to enjoy it.

I think Chie would make a superb wrestler and top notch mic skills.  Also, there’s a wrestling reference in the dialogue too. Did I tell you guys that I like wrestling yet?

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