Stream Sketch #40: JPWF Women’s Heavyweight Champion Chie Satonaka

Did a special wrestling themed stream sketch for the always bombastic WrassleStream with @capnxero and friends! Since no one gave me any names for the raffle, I went with the dealer’s pick, which was Chie Satonaka from Persona 4. Chie has just won the JPWF Women’s Heavyweight championship, coming in as the underdog of the match. After claiming gold, she did a short interview and went to the back. She then came back out when other members of the locker room lured her into a lewd prank. They just weren’t expecting Chie to enjoy it.

I think Chie would make a superb wrestler and top notch mic skills.  Also, there’s a wrestling reference in the dialogue too. Did I tell you guys that I like wrestling yet?

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Stream Sketch #39: Nakoruru Regrettably Squats

After havng some trouble finding a man, Nakoruru turns to Rera to get some advice to land a boy friend.  But Rera likes to give advice that works for her, but nor really for everybody. She basically told Nako just to walk around without pants and see where that takes her. Clearly what works for some doesn’t work for all.

Haruka for #36 is right around the corner…

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Also fuck this pose.

Stream Sketch #38: Rera Twerks

This was a concept I had sitting on the back burner for some time now. I wanted to draw Rera from Samurai Showdown well.. shaking her rear because I always thought she was the bad side of Nakoruru. Also, since I already have a front twerk, why not add a back twerk so I can be a meme.

Stream Sketch to-do-list:

Stream Sketch #36: Haruka Tenoh (The first raffle result last time)

Stream Sketch #39/Anyone after: Nakoruru regrettably twerking

Stream Sketch #35: Fem Hakan

I wanted to follow up one of the suggestions I got on Discord after the Fem Alex sketch that I did a couple of weeks ago with another Fem version of a burly dude. This time it’s a sketch of female Hakan! I love her hair so much! I just want to put her and Alex in cute idol girl outfits! X3

Done in conjunction with the WRASSLESTREAM!

Swiggity swoody, Dean’s perched for the booty.


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Stream Sketch #33: Ms. Ross

A sketch that I wanted to do since my cohost @nsfw-dhead-nsfw suggested I do it while also rendering some Teacher Raven.  I tacked on a few extra pounds because otherwise, I wouldn’t be doing my job as Vogol adequately. One of her coworkers walks in on her at an awkward moment, but Raven still beckons her anyway.

And yes Ms. Ross works at the same school that Ms. Lockhart does. Because why not? There’s always room for world building in every nook and cranny.

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Stream Sketch #31: Casca on Tinder

My series of anime characters fucking with smart phones continue with Casca from Berserk (yes I read/watch Berserk) scrolling through Tinder to find a date.  I kinda imagined that Casca (especially pre-God Hand Casca) would be stuck up on Tinder always questioning her matches. There might be other factors at play that are stopping her from finding a date…

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