Stream Sketch #50: Merida

Finally did the stream raffle winner for the Disney characters-themed Stream Sketch. I was never a big fan of Brave as a movie. Only because it was marketed as a big adventure and then it kinda turned into a family drama instead. But that’s neither here nor there. As a pin-up subject, Merida comes off as a rebel, someone who is always disobeying her mom just to get under her skin.

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Stream Sketch #49: Kanaya

Did a raffle on Friday and landed on Kanaya from Homestuck. TBH I’m not super familiar with the series so I just plumped her up and gave her a dick. The raffle winner @lunaticex liked it so that’s what matters!

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The Sunday Night Wrasslestream is On Tonight!


Hey my wrassling fans! WWE’s No Mercy Pay-Per-View is happening tonight! You know what that means! @capnxero and I will be holding a simulcast stream featuring the PPV in its entirety! I’ll be streaming over in picarto and he will be streaming in!  

Because I’m doing a stream sketch for the wrassle stream, I’m doing a special wrestling themed sketch! 

Reblog this post featuring your favorite grappler from a video game/anime/irl that you’d like to see drawn in my style! 

Join us for some carefully choreographed, simulated combat, with theatrics at 8PM/EST! It’ll be beast.


Like Bork himself.

Stream Sketch #39: Nakoruru Regrettably Squats

After havng some trouble finding a man, Nakoruru turns to Rera to get some advice to land a boy friend.  But Rera likes to give advice that works for her, but nor really for everybody. She basically told Nako just to walk around without pants and see where that takes her. Clearly what works for some doesn’t work for all.

Haruka for #36 is right around the corner…

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Also fuck this pose.

Stream Sketch #35: Fem Hakan

I wanted to follow up one of the suggestions I got on Discord after the Fem Alex sketch that I did a couple of weeks ago with another Fem version of a burly dude. This time it’s a sketch of female Hakan! I love her hair so much! I just want to put her and Alex in cute idol girl outfits! X3

Done in conjunction with the WRASSLESTREAM!

Swiggity swoody, Dean’s perched for the booty.


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