Commission: Stevonnie Tries Penetration (Warning: Contains All-the-Way-Through)

Stevonnie puts out a group DM asking for guys to break her in. She had no idea one of them would be a gem… It kinda blows my mind that Stevonnie trying penetration was something that was commissioned.  But to be fair the anon commissioner who ask for this had an entire plan for how this would play out.  

This contains so very heavy non-vanilla stuff that I’m censoring for tumblr and my other sites, if you’re interested in checking out the final part of the commission click here.  But don’t say I didn’t warn you…

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Ask Amethyst Vol. 1

The collection of hires drawings for Amethyst.  She’s another gem who doesn’t get as much attention as Jasper or Pearl, but she has some of the more kinky asks.  A closet pervert who hides her horniness under the guise of being disgusted by such thoughts.


Blue and Yellow don’t really interact with the other gems often but do their part to assimilate into human population in the ways that Jasper has.  Yes, they still are above average standing at around 6′10 or so, but they’re making efforts to be amongst average citizens. They play in a two person band called “The Green Diamonds” and play at local bars and pubs.  Sometimes the other gems go to see them, every once in a while.  Peridot usually never goes, as a staunch music critic that she is now, thanks to Amelia’s influence, she usually never goes, writing their band off as YD massaging her ego while BD only sticks around for company and has “zero percussion talent”.

I decided to give BD another redesign because I thought the first go around was rushed and not really expressing her personality traits.