Ask Pearl Vol. 2

Always a fan favorite, Pearl in my AU as of now is in a bit of an identity crisis, and while we’re not quite at the splintering just yet, it’s coming up soon. Yes, there are apparently 4 canonical Pearls now, each with a different personality. I think I’m missing a few of the older images like the calculator drawing, but I’ll add those in volume 3.

Ask Jasper Vol. 8

A continuation of Jasper with short hair with an array of different subjects that she was asked about.  This was actually around the time where I started getting more comfortable drawing dog/cat Jasper.  Also, this set includes my personal favorite drawing, Jasper trying on Pearl’s clothes. I can’t help it, it just looks so SASSY!

Pam shows off his new underwear to a male anon, and gets Peridot’s attention. Usually after a big score, Pam spends most of his cut on underwear and quesadillas and that’s only IF he doesn’t let himself get caught. Peridot ignores male anon, feeling a bit shafted compared to the attention Pam received.

 Ask Garnet Vol. 1

Introduced 2 months into Ask Jasper, Garnet was originally a slightly reluctant addition to the series.  But “working out different areas” compared to Jasper has given her a good amount of attention… Her calm and collected demeanor is fun to write in contrast to Jasper’s overly-competitive and heated aversion towards Garnet.

Would anyone lose their shit…

If I made the Diamonds close to a human height?

Because I have THOUGHT about adding the Diamonds into the fold. But I’m not really into personally drawing GTS. (No offense to GTS because some of my food friends online are fantastic GTS artists/renderers). Either way, I felt like I should address some of the inbox messages that I get regarding the Diamonds because there are quite a number of them.