Do you have a favorite oc that you could never get enough of?

It’s not a popular AU, compared to the Steven Universe or Aensland Estate, but my top OC is still Sheva, the record clerk from Regiment 803.

Her closet love and affection for Leona is adorable, she gets a little obsessive with talking photos of her in the changing room, but she’s harmless. Sheva’s a yandere in the most innocent form.

Planning on connecting the Pocket Mums AU and the Regiment 803 AU

I’m looking to condense my universes so that they connect more.  While Rin’s AU, Jasper’s AU and the Batman AU are still loose and not related in anyway past Rin opening a portal, I am working on linking Pocket Mums and Regiment 803 just so I’m personally not as confused. Since I now have the fashion company, Amie-Girl, which Dawn works for I could start filling out the employment roster.  In order to connect Reg 803 and Pocket Mums, Sherry Birkin works for Amie Girl as their new plus size model (blah-blah weight gain, blah-bah because vogol).  Sherry and Jill’s final mission together catapulted Sherry into a realm of celebrity using her experiences to score a few minor zombie-horror movie appearances and a one season talk show. Circulating her face on screen more than Jill in the aftermath of the mission, living cushy and relaxed, Sherry decided to turn to modeling when her movie career hit an early wall and she grew lazy of the constant physical exertion that came with acting. Sherry usually see herself as having influence, so her demeanor is usually positive and outgoing. She may occasionally tease “Old Lady Jill” for not also capitalizing on her similar press coverage, but her heart’s in a good place.


How does that sound, everybody? Yay or nah?

Regiment 803 Fun in the Sun Poll!

Happy midsummer all of my Northern Hemisphere friends! Wanted to strick up a new poll for the old Regiment 803 cast this time having a summer theming! While I can’t promise I’ll go through with the drawing process, I still want to get a poll started for the summer season pinups!

What is Regiment 803?  It’s a crossover series that I started over the summer that features characters from numerous video game franchises all being enlisted in the same regiment.  They’re all broken up into specific divisions and have a wide range of personalities.  I’ll be closing the polls by next week so I can get to sketch done on time:

Jill, Cammy and Leona:

Marie, Jeanne and Sheva

Mercy, Elena, and Nadia

Lena, Blair and Alisa

Christie, Yuffie, and Jade

Lt. Netta

Vote for the poll’s top three here!