Jacklyn enjoyed some candy after going trick or treating this year for a change. She is usually too shy to go to people’s house and partake the festivities, but since she started inviting people to her place for parties, she’s opened up a bit more. Although she shares similar mannerisms to Leona and Pearl, when it comes to food, she’s a LOT different. She LOVES sweets. 

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Because it’s the season of spoopiness, I decided to revisit Jacklyn (Jason-chan, but call her Jacklyn, please). She didn’t want to carve up the giant pumpkins she bough just yet, so she decided to improvise a bit and make some homemade jack-o-lanterns. 

Jack-O-Lynterns if you will.

If you have any special requests of Jacklyn in iconic Halloween outfits and doing certain things in them, don’t be shy! Now would be a good time to show this shy, chubby camper some love~

-Vogtilda the Witch

Wondering how beach bod will affect Pearl’s personality. Guessing she’ll still be super bashful.

Pearl is pretty humble about her new body after working out with Jasper. While it’s not as MUCH progress as she hoped, it was plenty to make her much more confident about her body image.She’s still shy and a little detached but a lot of the fright and embarrassment she used to have is long gone. 


Especially after Jasper told Pearl that she should be embracing her large behind after buying Pearl a tighter swimsuit than even Blue Diamond.~


A line sketch commission by the amazing artist @lewdsona​! It’s of Rise Kujikawa from Persona Pocket Mum’d up! Because of the subject matter, I randomly decided to drop in some flat colors over the lineart! That’s the second Persona character I’ve drawn of course the first being the sadly… Former World Champion…

This was a lot of fun to do, also, getting AU-related commissions are always a blast!

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コーリンむっちゃ好き~3rdの丁寧にお辞儀して去っていくむっちんぷりんむっちゃエロい好き。 ハイヒールがセクシー!

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Oh my~