*Honk honk honk honk honk*


But seriously, Jacky is afraid of clowns, she doesn’t like the laughing or the tricks and when she was a little girl, her mom took her to a circus and it made her hysterical seeing the clowns on stage. So she’s a little timid to put on the clown costume but, she’s a good team player.

Because it’s the season of spoopiness, I decided to revisit Jacklyn (Jason-chan, but call her Jacklyn, please). She didn’t want to carve up the giant pumpkins she bough just yet, so she decided to improvise a bit and make some homemade jack-o-lanterns. 

Jack-O-Lynterns if you will.

If you have any special requests of Jacklyn in iconic Halloween outfits and doing certain things in them, don’t be shy! Now would be a good time to show this shy, chubby camper some love~

-Vogtilda the Witch


I don’t usually do cold requests, but this was an excuse to draw a thick boy (which I haven’t for quite some time) and also… it’s a pretty good idea.

And yes, I know that that isn’t Riku’s base Keyblade. If I drew the same scene with that blade, the second scene would be far more graphic.

I can’t promise I’ll ALWAYS do this, guys, please don’t flood me with requests.