Stream Sketch #46: Iris

Another stream sketch featuring robot butts. For some reason I had the urge to draw the other Mission Control Reploid from Megaman X, but with human parts. Iris WOULD be the type who’d have human biology and be very nervous about utilizing sais anatomy. I think that the only blemish on Iris is that SPOILER SPOILER SPOILER was embarrassing.



Rin and Lucian enjoyed Halloween a lot, Rin even let Lucian dress up as his favorite vampire. She encourages her son to dress up as whatever he likes for Halloween and Lucian enjoyed all of the sour candies that his mother purchased for him for the occasion. The two are very excited to celebrate Halloween next year.


Finally introducing Lucian Aensland! 

This was a fun character to create because Riclaiper, a combination of Clair, Rin and Jasper (renamed Lucian to make it easier to read and pronounce) was a result of my tumblr fanbase wanting to see a boy who was passionate and intimate like Kyo but minus his prudish behavior and very open to anything like Jasper minus her LACK of intimacy.  

Lucian Aensland was created by a combination of spells and dark arts by Rin and is comprised of extracts of Jasper and Clair’s “essence”.  Rin has the innate ability to trace the essence of people’s appearances and characteristics through the portals that Kara introduced her to. And since Rin always wanted a child, she decided that the ideal child to have would be one based on her personality and body. Lucian, or “Lucia”, or “Lulu” depending on how he feels on any given day is less haughty than his mother.  Lucian doesn’t like to see himself as smarter than others, but moreso a constant work in progress.  Lucian reads a ton of books that Rin keeps in her studies but never bothered to read. As a result, Lucian is the brainy bookworm type, but is very romantic due to his fixation on poems and erotic literature.  The unitard was a costume that Rin created herself for her son in order to encourage him to flaunt his body as much as she does.  Lucian likes to keep his hair up because it’s rather messy and cumbersome, his hair naturally has blue ends and his wings are much smaller and thinner than Rin’s wings (whenever she bothers to extend them).and he has a thin tail. Rin speculates these are sideffects of combining humans (Clair) with succubi (herself) which leads to all of the differences because her and her son.  Lucian really like to be intimate and lewd: he prefers to watch the sun set with someone he loves rather than some he just knows.  Lucian has a strange relationship with Rin’s servants and slaves, he doesn’t really demean them like Rin does and even sometimes befriends them he especially enjoys having midday tea with Rin’s top servant, Cloud.

I hope Lucian is the boy that lives up to the hype…

Happy anniversary, Lucian! 💖💖💖


Stream Sketch #44: JPWF Women’s No.1 Contender: 

A stream sketch that I was supposed to do during a cancelled Wrasslestream that was supposed to be done in concurrence with WWE’s Hell in Cell.  I managed to catch up and do this for the Friday Night Stream Sketch instead.  And if you can’t tell at this point from the Chie sketch, yes. I’m making a wrestling themed AU with @capnxero.  I’m super excited to add characters to this because on top of me doing the character designs, Xero is going to handle the bios and writing for the entire series! Here’s the bio for Chie’s top competition, Peach Toadstool and manager Daisy Sarasa!

Name: ‘Princess’ Peach Toadstool 

Nickname: Princess Peach

Peach Blossom DDT 

Age: ??? 

Height: 5’6" / 5’7" 

Weight: Never ask a lady! 

Billed From: The Mushroom Kingdom 

Theme: Electrodrome (Mario Kart 8) 

 Status: Singles Competitor, #1 Contender for JPWF Women’s Heavyweight Champion 

 Manager: ‘Princess’ Daisy Sarasa 

 "Life is just… Peachy!“

Some fight for everything they have in life from the moment they are born.  Others just so happen to be brought into this world straight into the finest things in life.  Having had the finest education the world had to offer, a young Peach found herself enamored with various sports and athletic events.  However, none managed to bring such a euphoric rush as wrestling in her debut match within the JPWF.  Almost a caricature of perfection, the overjoyed princess hoped to have a massive following, though thanks to her manager somehow ignores the near copious boos that come her way the moment her theme plays.

Daisy, Peach’s best friend and princess of the neighboring Sarasaland region, while royalty herself never reached any of the heights of her friend.  Instead, she found herself as the shadow of Peach’s success, using it to her advantage as Peach climbed the ranks in JPWF, all the way to the inaugural title match with Chie Satonaka.  While the fiery ace managed to pin the pink princess on their initial match, the battle is far from over as Peach (with Daisy’s assistance) continues to gun for the JPWF Women’s Heavyweight Championship.  To Peach, it’s just a matter of time.

Now there are two Daisys and two Peachs

one where they’re partners

And one where they’re…




Kyo does neither enjoy nor detest Halloween. He really hates dealing with children trick-or-treating and pestering him during the day while he’s enjoying his opera (especially when his mother isn’t home; he’s threatened to set multiple children’s jack-o-lanterns on fire). He does like having candy laying around however, and will happily eat all of the chocolate his mother bought for visiting children.

Yagami uses Halloween to remove herself more from Rin’s curse, often dawning a dress that changes her figure into a taller, curvier woman. As a result, people around the town mistake Yagami as being her own older sister during Halloween, which brings Yagami some semblance of joy and comfort. Unfortunately the dress only works once a year, so she returns to being reclusive and miserable on the very next day…

As an aside, I’m gonna start specially marking my Halloween drawings. 

Spoiled pouty boi and magic quiet gril.