Finally introducing Lucian Aensland! 

This was a fun character to create because Riclaiper, a combination of Clair, Rin and Jasper (renamed Lucian to make it easier to read and pronounce) was a result of my tumblr fanbase wanting to see a boy who was passionate and intimate like Kyo but minus his prudish behavior and very open to anything like Jasper minus her LACK of intimacy.  

Lucian Aensland was created by a combination of spells and dark arts by Rin and is comprised of extracts of Jasper and Clair’s “essence”.  Rin has the innate ability to trace the essence of people’s appearances and characteristics through the portals that Kara introduced her to. And since Rin always wanted a child, she decided that the ideal child to have would be one based on her personality and body. Lucian, or “Lucia”, or “Lulu” depending on how he feels on any given day is less haughty than his mother.  Lucian doesn’t like to see himself as smarter than others, but moreso a constant work in progress.  Lucian reads a ton of books that Rin keeps in her studies but never bothered to read. As a result, Lucian is the brainy bookworm type, but is very romantic due to his fixation on poems and erotic literature.  The unitard was a costume that Rin created herself for her son in order to encourage him to flaunt his body as much as she does.  Lucian likes to keep his hair up because it’s rather messy and cumbersome, his hair naturally has blue ends and his wings are much smaller and thinner than Rin’s wings (whenever she bothers to extend them).and he has a thin tail. Rin speculates these are sideffects of combining humans (Clair) with succubi (herself) which leads to all of the differences between her and her son.  Lucian really likes to be intimate and lewd: he prefers to watch the sun set with someone he loves rather than some he just knows.  Lucian has a strange relationship with Rin’s servants and slaves, he doesn’t really demean them like Rin does and even sometimes befriends them he especially enjoys having midday tea with Rin’s top servant, Cloud.

I hope Lucian is the boy that lives up to the hype…

Pam shows off his new underwear to a male anon, and gets Peridot’s attention. Usually after a big score, Pam spends most of his cut on underwear and quesadillas and that’s only IF he doesn’t let himself get caught. Peridot ignores male anon, feeling a bit shafted compared to the attention Pam received.

All or Rin’s slaves serve her dutifully and without an ounce of fight in them. And while Cloud does go against the grain by interacting with Morrigan behind the back of her mistress, she serves Rin with no objection. Yagami managed to escape and Ivy managed to buy herself into freedom, but even they could not technically be called spies because neither were conspiring against her while in captivity.

As an aside I saw one of those top boobjob gifs on my server and I felt like I should give it a try…

This question was directed to Pam when it was first asked in response to the shower picture.  This works here too though, because it lets me segue into Ms. Quinn and Pam playing with a new ether that adapts Pam’s plants to a corresponding season. Based on what season it is, his hair and outfit change as well.

Similar to Jasper’s hair length, you can reference Pam’s seasonal outfits by mentioning the Adapter Ether in the message.

Also he secrets sap from his butt.

Because science.

Cloud treats Morrigan very nicely.  While Rin likes to abuse her as much as possible, Cloud addresses Morrigan as “lady” and serves her like she would Rin. Whenever Mila makes a plate of food for her “child” Cloud takes it after everyone leaves the dinner table and gives it to Morrigan.  However, Morrigan sometimes lets the plate rot, not being used to eating a warm meal.  She sees it as a breach of conduct if she takes one bite.

I think these two make a cute pairing, Morrigan being new to being treated kindly and Cloud just trying to dutifully give love and affection.