Ask Clara Vol. 2

Finally had time to post a second part featuring Jasper’s gal pal, Clara. Most of them are Clara doming people with like two sub Claras sprinkled in there.  I think I’ll wait until I have another 10 to post the 3rd volume and just release all of the drawings in groups of ten.


I wanted to hold back on revealing the identity of my AU’s Batman until I received a question directed at my Batman. Phillis Patiencia was formerly Catwoman during her years as a petty thief (yes, this Catwoman because I have no soul). After looting the Wayne Manor she discovers the remnants of an old cavern outfitted with gadgets and tools for vigilante justice, she realized that her elusive skills as a thief could be used for good.  As the cave was long abandoned as were the suits and gadgets, she refurbished and rebuilt the compound with her own grit (as well as taking some experimental hormones that caused some swift and jarring changes to her reproductive organs).  Alfred still stalks the creaky crannies of Wayne manor and is more than alright serving Phillis as she revitalizes the cowl.

Pam teases the Bat when he sees her but finds himself turned off by this new Batman only being fixated on her mutation.

Stream Sketch #33: Ms. Ross

A sketch that I wanted to do since my cohost @nsfw-dhead-nsfw suggested I do it while also rendering some Teacher Raven.  I tacked on a few extra pounds because otherwise, I wouldn’t be doing my job as Vogol adequately. One of her coworkers walks in on her at an awkward moment, but Raven still beckons her anyway.

And yes Ms. Ross works at the same school that Ms. Lockhart does. Because why not? There’s always room for world building in every nook and cranny.

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Pam like to pay a game with Ms. Quinn’s thugs called “Belle Reve Roulette” wherein he gives each of the men a number from 1 to 12. He then rolls two die and whoever’s number it lands on gets a chances to do anal with him. Ms. Quinn usually tags along to make sure Pam isn’t playing the game all night, because that wastes her manpower.  Also Pam really like Mexican food.

I just had to add a strange bit to his development there, by throwing in his favorite food: quesadillas.


I wanted to wait until I have a full color version to answer this question. Ms. Quinn is like a mentor to Pam, letting him be what he wants while pushing hi to do more.  Because she has a sizable amount of thugs under her thumb, she doesn’t do as much moving as before, usually letting Pam commit most of the crimes around the city while she takes point over radio signals.  Their “therapy session” often spiral into Ms.Quinn pleading Pam to bang her while Pam needs some motivation to please a woman (that’s code for an anal insertion).  And yes, Ms. Quinn likes to call Pam, “Izzy” which plays on his last name, “Isley”.