Those Watson twins are really cute could we see more of them? Please

OMIGOD! Yes! More Batman AU asks! AND the Watson twins!!!

Judy and Jody work out together, especially when it comes to martial arts.  Phillis prefers they spar each other just so that they can have a better understanding of their own capabilities. Judy, of course loves getting in as much fighting practice as she can, while Jody would rather skip rope or do his one mile sprint to avoid fighting his twin.


It’s because she usually makes him tap within five minutes.



I wanted to end all of these Jacklyn drawings with some sort of plot or pairing, so Jacky ends up making a friend with a shy boy by the name of Sadako. He is shy as much as she is and sometimes speaks Japanese when he is afraid to say the words in English.  Jacky doesn’t usually get company so of course she got desperate when she runs into a trick or treater. The two seemed to have hit it off pretty well, and maybe he’ll be interested in seeing Jacky again for a date.


There ya go, a pairing for ya, and a happy ending for Jacky after Halloween month being spent mostly alone. She managed to make a new friend who likes her a lot. 💖💖💖


I don’t usually do cold requests, but this was an excuse to draw a thick boy (which I haven’t for quite some time) and also… it’s a pretty good idea.

And yes, I know that that isn’t Riku’s base Keyblade. If I drew the same scene with that blade, the second scene would be far more graphic.

I can’t promise I’ll ALWAYS do this, guys, please don’t flood me with requests.

I thought I’d answer two asks in a row by just doubling up on some content for the thick boi Sahru. Since coming back to the estate from vacation, Rin gave Sahru some casual wear for when he is not chaperoning and on guard. In the new wardrobe, there was a set of high heels. Since he’s used to wearing boots on patrol he had a very hard time adjusting to the new outfit. As a result, he asked Adell for help, since Sahru is afraid to ask the only other prominent male in heels, Lucian, nor his recent love interest, ND.  Adell agrees to help Sahru, giving him a chance to come out of his shell a bit and hang around a cuddly stud in Rin’s top bodyguard.

Experimental pairing with this one.

Aensland Estate AU: Link Debut Comic

Thank you for being patient with me, everyone! I really wanted to try doing a comic for debuting a character instead of the usual three-drawing structure, especially since it gives me chance to tell a bit more of a story with a comic instead of the latter! This is my first time drawing a whole comic so all of the patience was appreciated! ;-; If I try this approach again, I’m definitely going to condense it much, much more! 

Let me know which you prefer for new characters!!!

Link is a young Bolarian dancer who is hired by Ankura to dance for him and his private party of Rin and her personal favorite servants. Rin, of course with her love of effeminate men, was immediately entranced by Link and his dancing.  She becomes obsessed to the point where all she can think about is Link and his limber body.  Eventually, she manages to find this mysterious boy while strutting the Bolarian coasts, asking Link to come home with her. At first, her old self comes out and spanks him, but that soft, compassionate side eventually comes through in the end. Now the question is… Will he stay or will he go?

I loved having the chance to fully characterize Rin fully and actually show how she speaks and interacts with others. Also! This is a great way to cap off the Aensland’s trip to the coasts of their region. 

Now that that’s outta the way, I can get back to pumping out content regularly!

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I made this based on a goofy discord conversation where I was pitching a r63 thicc Deku as a “next big thing”, which the person I was talking to suggested “why not femboy Deku?” Which eventually turned into settling on boi Ochako as the “next big thing”, because she isn’t loved NEARLY as much as Froppy. So this mostly IS a joke I took. WAAAAY to seriously lol. 

Of course, because it’s me, Uravity has a thicc stepfrogmum/frogaunt who takes care of him. She’s nice and practically harmless. Also he does a lot of personal training with Allmight to perfect using his quirk. It’s all above board training. No scandal whatsoever.

Even in my joke posts I have to tack on some weird backstory lol

A simple-bg color commission for a continuation of the recovery of Pam after his unsavory encounter with a particularly rough party-goer. After the traumatic event, Pam got himself busted for a petty shoplifting crime so he can spend some time in prison, hoping that selling himself around his usual spots would take his mind off the situation. But, he did have the usual lewd personality that would grant him so much pleasure before, now he was timid and afraid, fearing that men would take advantage of him again.  As a result, he found the graces of some of the more gentle inmates who find value in his delicate and sensitive side. 


Nothing felt cooler than getting commissioned for my universes…

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