I made this based on a goofy discord conversation where I was pitching a r63 thicc Deku as a “next big thing”, which the person I was talking to suggested “why not femboy Deku?” Which eventually turned into settling on boi Ochako as the “next big thing”, because she isn’t loved NEARLY as much as Froppy. So this mostly IS a joke I took. WAAAAY to seriously lol. 

Of course, because it’s me, Uravity has a thicc stepfrogmum/frogaunt who takes care of him. She’s nice and practically harmless. Also he does a lot of personal training with Allmight to perfect using his quirk. It’s all above board training. No scandal whatsoever.

Even in my joke posts I have to tack on some weird backstory lol


Cloud and Morrigan have been happily living in a forest cottage outside of Wimbourne for a few months now. They have been able to start a new life together, catching fish, dining and bonding at night.  While they don’t have a lot of money to their names, and only have a modest home, they don’t have much in the way of wealth. Instead, they enjoy the little they have and their company greatly.  Lucian and Priscilla sometimes come to visit the couple at their cottage during the weekends and Lucian gives gifts and treats to the couple, lovingly.  Rin doesn’t visit the couple herself, but is pretty happy sending her children to check up on them when they can, knowing how much they cared for their “mommy”.  Now that they are together so much, Morrigan has shifted from being a downtrodden plaything to a meek, but loving partner, Cloud, being more than happy to serve Morrigan and treat her as a proper lady.  Morrigan’s affection for her lover has even gotten to the point where she’s willing to talk about having her own kids with Ms. Strife.  But, Cloud is happy to kid that down the road for a little while longer…

OOF! Finally! I know the backgrounds are a little sparse, but I’m completely exhausted from drawing this set! I felt like they needed a proper send-off though. Especially because this was the pairing that fans of the AU were pushing for since the beginning! I hope you guys like it!

To wrap up one loose end, Harley and Catwoman exacted revenge on the man who brutally raped Pam in the bathroom a few weeks after.  They found him on a street corner, so they overpowered him, threw him into an alley and gave him a taste of his own medicine.  Neither of them felt anything after because they felt like they were doing it to help their stepson.  

They have a pretty twisted mindset when it comes to revenge…

The Regiment took a field trip to the beach for some time to unwind and relax. While the other recruits like Christie and Jade arrange volleyball games, preparing fireworks for the late-night show, like Ms. Oxton and Alisa or just handing out sunblock like candy and warning of the dangers of sun exposure like Elena and her nervous band of nurses, Jill, Cammy and Leona decided to play in the water.  JILL AND CAMMY PLAYED SOME NASTY PRANKS ON LEONA, STEALING HER SWIMSUIT AND SPLASHING HER WITH WATER. 

The two got caught stepping out of line by Netta, their commanding lieutenant and were ordered to build a sandcastle big enough to satisfy her.  She then bought Leona a nice summer hat for her troubles. Netta spent most of the day with her assistant, Sheva and HER assistant Marie, watching the waves go by. Sheva and Marie enjoyed a little bit of swimming but mostly cuddled up with the boss on the shore line. Yes, Marie has that may floating devices. She’s deathly terrified of drowning.

MaybeI’ll do more parts to the beach/summer story at a later date… This took some time but it was hella fun!

Sabrina spending a little time with her bubbly gf, Phoebe. She is always trying to get Phoebe to join the gym and get fit, even offering to do yoga at home with her, but Phoebe doesn’t really like exercising. She loves going bar hopping and restaurant hunting with Sabrina on the weekends, especially when Sabrina is feeling particularly hungry. Phoebe gets a kick out of tempting Sabrina’s inner foodie into ordering a buttermilk ranch cheeseburger with cajun fries whenever she can. While they do bicker every once in a while, Sabrina does really love this woman, and if she wasn’t so timid about marriage, she’d easily walk Phoebe down the aisle.