An old unfinished set with @capnxero/@dkcx with Angie from Regiment 803 and her butt.  I decided to lay down some flats and shade it.  Especially since I haven’t posted any Reg stuff in a long time! I kinda like the dynamic of her being a worrywart, but also incredibly professional. Despite being very unprofessional by not getting an appropriate sized dress.


A gift sketch for @dentol-sfm for reblogging a few of my drawings.  Since I saw the profile pick I assumed he likes dat dere Johnny Cage’s girl.

Had fun coming up with a scenario…

Thanks again for sharing my artwork! I can’t thank you enough! Seeing over 30 notes from things other than porn bots was mind-blowing.

WOW! Is it really the anniversary of this post? Two years ago, Dentol, one of the coolest dudes, broke me in with a few reblogs. After that, the rest was history!

I loved coming up with the concept of this gift!

Also 1000% OTP if MK had them.


Kyo really likes having company stay with him for the night.  Because he gets very comfortable with then, donning his bright blue kimono and letting his lover spoon with him. It’s quiet and peaceful for him and it plays into how much he enjoys having people who adore and admire his beauty around him.  More often than not he’ll spend hours just sitting in silence, being embraced, occasionally musing about his time with his lover or what he’s wearing.As he claims, he enjoys this because he feels like he’s being “savored” and enjoyed.

Breaking News: Local boy is annoyingly needy.



Rin has two femboys with vaginas who are not exactly her slaves, but mores her handmaidens. Sahru, and Ankura been following Rin in since she first started building her estate and keeping Morrigan captive, they both took the lumps off losing their hardware to serve under Rin (who felt directly challenged by their length and girth, yes really).  Since they’ve been so loyal to her, Rin pays them handsomely and gave them their own rooms within the estate. The other, Rokzi was once a male talent at Ivy’s brothel who was whisked away by Rin herself at the end of a show. Rin captured Rokzi with a sleeping spell and usually forces him into cleaning the floors with Cloud.

Rokzi: Once a worker at Ivy’s brothel, Rokzi is a reluctant slave to Rin.  He does everything with a grunt and a scowl and will even sometimes challenge her.  Since Rin changed most of Rokzi’s diet to keep him slender and harmless, there really isn’t anything he can do to stop her.

Ankura: Once large and covered in mummy wrapping, Ankura is a right hand man of Rin’s.  Being alive, raised from the dead, and alive again for hundreds of years, Ankura has had a long relationship with the Aensland family and was quite friendly towards Morrigan and eventually Rin.  He vows to capture Lilith for Rin as he always wishes for the youngest Aensland sister to come around… He even enjoys having Lucian, the news Aensland around, as Ankura spends plenty of time educating Lucian on ancient civilizations from direct experience.

Sahru: A barbarian who was once hired to kill Morrigan Aensland, Sahru was overcome by Morrigan’s vast amounts of sorcery and magic, putting him under her control. However, when Morrigan accidentally created Rin, Rin would break that spell on Sahru making him eternally in-debted to Rin. As a result, he fancies himself as a bounty hunter for Rin, actively searching and attempting to capture some of her enemies, especially Talim.