A birthday gift sketch for a great artist @hiveaway of his titular OC pun intended, Lyren! Paired her off with Sheva who was instantly super gay for her. To the point where she almost forgot about her obsession with Leona. 

Happy birthday, Hive! Enjoy!

Those Watson twins are really cute could we see more of them? Please

OMIGOD! Yes! More Batman AU asks! AND the Watson twins!!!

Judy and Jody work out together, especially when it comes to martial arts.  Phillis prefers they spar each other just so that they can have a better understanding of their own capabilities. Judy, of course loves getting in as much fighting practice as she can, while Jody would rather skip rope or do his one mile sprint to avoid fighting his twin.


It’s because she usually makes him tap within five minutes.



I wanted to end all of these Jacklyn drawings with some sort of plot or pairing, so Jacky ends up making a friend with a shy boy by the name of Sadako. He is shy as much as she is and sometimes speaks Japanese when he is afraid to say the words in English.  Jacky doesn’t usually get company so of course she got desperate when she runs into a trick or treater. The two seemed to have hit it off pretty well, and maybe he’ll be interested in seeing Jacky again for a date.


There ya go, a pairing for ya, and a happy ending for Jacky after Halloween month being spent mostly alone. She managed to make a new friend who likes her a lot. 💖💖💖

*Honk honk honk honk honk*


But seriously, Jacky is afraid of clowns, she doesn’t like the laughing or the tricks and when she was a little girl, her mom took her to a circus and it made her hysterical seeing the clowns on stage. So she’s a little timid to put on the clown costume but, she’s a good team player.

Jacklyn enjoyed some candy after going trick or treating this year for a change. She is usually too shy to go to people’s house and partake the festivities, but since she started inviting people to her place for parties, she’s opened up a bit more. Although she shares similar mannerisms to Leona and Pearl, when it comes to food, she’s a LOT different. She LOVES sweets. 

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