*Honk honk honk honk honk*


But seriously, Jacky is afraid of clowns, she doesn’t like the laughing or the tricks and when she was a little girl, her mom took her to a circus and it made her hysterical seeing the clowns on stage. So she’s a little timid to put on the clown costume but, she’s a good team player.

Jacklyn enjoyed some candy after going trick or treating this year for a change. She is usually too shy to go to people’s house and partake the festivities, but since she started inviting people to her place for parties, she’s opened up a bit more. Although she shares similar mannerisms to Leona and Pearl, when it comes to food, she’s a LOT different. She LOVES sweets. 

The request thread is here!


I don’t usually do cold requests, but this was an excuse to draw a thick boy (which I haven’t for quite some time) and also… it’s a pretty good idea.

And yes, I know that that isn’t Riku’s base Keyblade. If I drew the same scene with that blade, the second scene would be far more graphic.

I can’t promise I’ll ALWAYS do this, guys, please don’t flood me with requests.

I do imagine Zelda would be the snippy jealous one who tries to talk about how much better she is compared to the other two. Definitely one who would talk up her body and powers to get preference over Peach and Lucina.

Just give out a bit more of a popular spot for the time being. (In all honesty probably thanks in big part to the recent popularity of Super Mario lewds).

So this mini-verse expands…

I think the next thing in line will be something related to the Batman AU. The bring things back around a bit.

A crossover pairing that has been requested a few times before, I think because both characters (Lucian Aensland and  Stevonnie Maheswaran have a level of sexual innocence that makes them an interesting pair for a crossover. Lucian, of course would read to Stevie reciting his favorite love poems and ballads. But Stevonnie would totally be interested, volunteering to read poems as well in a goofy, playful voice. They would dress down for the occasion to put Lucian at ease a bit. While drawing it, the pairing did grow on me a bit. They both are very naive but also lively.

Ladies and gentlemen: Stecian or Luconnie

For anyone still paying attention to Lucian’s head canon, don’t worry, he’s still dating ND.