Stream Sketch #49: Kanaya

Did a raffle on Friday and landed on Kanaya from Homestuck. TBH I’m not super familiar with the series so I just plumped her up and gave her a dick. The raffle winner @lunaticex liked it so that’s what matters!

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Rin’s favorite pet, Fefe was found through extorting Morrigan on her location. Fefe was a stray catgirl that Rin decided to take in, Rin takes a good amount of care of her pet, feeds her, takes her for walks and even lets Fefe play with her makeup collection. Lucian enjoys having Fefe around because he treats her with extra amounts of care and attention.

Fife often speaks in third person and a slightly off command of English. She has simplistic emotions that can be expressed primarily through her tail.

It’s been a year since the introduction of the mansion’s house pet, Fefe. And with that comes with her want to be a pretty girl and her love of makeup, despite being a cat~

An old unfinished set with @capnxero/@dkcx with Angie from Regiment 803 and her butt.  I decided to lay down some flats and shade it.  Especially since I haven’t posted any Reg stuff in a long time! I kinda like the dynamic of her being a worrywart, but also incredibly professional. Despite being very unprofessional by not getting an appropriate sized dress.