Every time I see you post a new drawing it makes me really happy

Welp, this gives me an excuse to draw a new character!

Adding Yuri as a potential new Pocket Mum. She’s really good at cooking and baking for all of the neighborhood children after a long day of outdoor activity. She is very good at cooking and dicing meats and vegetables, a home maker who spends most of her time running a cooking and and general mommy blog. She’s a nice lady for the most part but she doesn’t talk to the other women often, only really inviting Hilda and Serena over for a midday snack over coffee.


Inspired by this Mum Yuri I couldn’t turn down by @bunnyshadeow 

She just looks so precious.

My half of the art trade with @wholewheatjamart! I chose to draw his elf princess gal, Fi! I drew her doing some facesitting while spouting about her greatness, which is probably pretty on-brand. I also did another drawing, like wholewheat, with her interacting with my OC’s.  And honestly, after having some chocolate, and lados with Kyo and Talim, I imagine they would start talking about how fabulous they all are and have a good ol’ oujo laugh party.

So what were your thoughts on NXT Takeover: Philadelphia, and the Royal Rumble this year? Did you enjoy it? Also, could we possibly see your favorite wrestler at the moment drawn in your style? If not, it’s cool.

NXT Takeover: Philadelphia was pretty good from what I caught.  I didn’t get to watch the entire pay-per-view but I did put that onto my watch list. The Royal Rumble was a pleasant surprise, there were a few twists and turns, going with Nakamura and Asuka as the top competitors for their respective titles was the right thing to do for business.  And while I personally would’ve pulled for Balor getting the nod, Shinsuke Nakamura is just as pleasant of a win in my book. The Braun Brock match was just as big and dumb as I expected it to be. I was not surprised at how big and how dumb it was.  The Ronda Rousey tease at the end was expected but still very fun, it makes me curious as to how the WWE is going to use her and if they’re going to book her similar to Lesnar or their rumored Connor McGregor book.  The show itself was actually a better pay-per-view than I was expecting.


I couldn’t pick my favorite wrestler so I drew an amalgamation of my favorite 3: Dean Ambrose, Asuka, and Chris Benoit.

Whenever Rin is faced with someone whom appears to be stronger of at least more brooding than her, she melts into trying to seduce them with her wares.  She’s actually incredibly attracted to Ghost Rider and will try anything and everything to win him over. GR himself, is pretty oblivious to her romance and doesn’t even know if he wants to judge her for her crimes or not.

I’m slowly starting to like this pairing…

If I remember reading this correctly a while back, Ankura (Your Foxxy Grandpa Pharaoh lol) has large nipples for a male correct? Is it safe to assume that they’re super sensitive to touch and taste? Perhaps a weakspot for the former Pharaoh (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Ankura is very sensitive when his nipples are touched and tasted,  He’s used to men and women playing with them at the beginning of the night from the hundreds of people he’s been with.  In fact, when he was Pharaoh long ago, his nipples were something of legend amongst those who have graced his private chambers.  For a male they were pretty oversized, so much so that Ankura’s father would insist that his son cover them as much as possible.  Even a tiny draft would make Ankura tingle if they’re bare.


Oh yes Ankura’s a Foxxxy Grandpa.  That’s a fine lookin’ oldster.