Stream Sketch #57: 2K Cafe

If you can’t tell at this point from the Chie sketch, yes. I’m making a wrestling themed AU with @capnxero.  I’m super excited to add characters to this because on top of me doing the character designs, Xero is going to handle the bios and writing for the entire series!

Names: Hana & Lia Song

Nickname: 2K Cafe

Finisher: The Rage-Quit

Age: Everybody wants to know.

Height: 5’4" / 5’5"

Weight: We would give you our combined weight, but even then it’s not much!

Billed From: South Korea

Theme: D.Va’s Theme (Heroes of the Storm)

Status: Tag-Team

Hana Song lived her life for competition.  To be able to go out into the unknown and make her name anything but that, which she more than succeeded in.  Though there was always an interesting tip-off in how secluded she was in regards to her personal life off the stage (Some rumored of Hana’s part-time fancy of being involved in some maid service), until she decided to join the JPWF.  It was there that a startling discovery was made, as now the world now met Hana’s twin sister, Lia.  While Hana was boisterous, braggadocios about her usual winning, Lia was more reserved, far more enjoying watching her sister’s success from the sidelines.  But the world of professional wrestling was one she loved forever, with Hana giving her the opportunity, there was no time to waste.  The Song sisters have now arrived in the JPWF, which spells disaster for everybody else.

Volgol drawing chie big and strong? My life is complete, someone come and kill me!


Chie is a strong and confident champion of the JPWF Women’s Division. She won it in a close match with her longtime rival, ‘Princess’ Peach Toadstool and has retained against many great opponents over the months.  Her in-your-face style of wrestling made her character a fan favorite and a heartthrob for thousands of fans of the federation around the world.


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Exactly how I pictured her! Saw her wearing like a kinda faded black jacket that’s got like a various assortment of pubs in it. Something flannel underneath or like a flannel jacket she sometimes wears as well. And I bet she has like a special velvet-lined case for her harmonica. Those cases are nice and so is a good harmonica. (I like harmonicas lol)

There’s my Road Dog Rose Quartz.


She nicknamed her harmonica “Moonwhistle”.

Commission: Stevonnie Tries Penetration (Warning: Contains All-the-Way-Through)

Stevonnie puts out a group DM asking for guys to break her in. She had no idea one of them would be a gem… It kinda blows my mind that Stevonnie trying penetration was something that was commissioned.  But to be fair the anon commissioner who ask for this had an entire plan for how this would play out.  

This contains so very heavy non-vanilla stuff that I’m censoring for tumblr and my other sites, if you’re interested in checking out the final part of the commission click here.  But don’t say I didn’t warn you…

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