Stream Sketch #49: Kanaya

Did a raffle on Friday and landed on Kanaya from Homestuck. TBH I’m not super familiar with the series so I just plumped her up and gave her a dick. The raffle winner @lunaticex liked it so that’s what matters!

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An old unfinished set with @capnxero/@dkcx with Angie from Regiment 803 and her butt.  I decided to lay down some flats and shade it.  Especially since I haven’t posted any Reg stuff in a long time! I kinda like the dynamic of her being a worrywart, but also incredibly professional. Despite being very unprofessional by not getting an appropriate sized dress.


A gift sketch for @dentol-sfm for reblogging a few of my drawings.  Since I saw the profile pick I assumed he likes dat dere Johnny Cage’s girl.

Had fun coming up with a scenario…

Thanks again for sharing my artwork! I can’t thank you enough! Seeing over 30 notes from things other than porn bots was mind-blowing.

WOW! Is it really the anniversary of this post? Two years ago, Dentol, one of the coolest dudes, broke me in with a few reblogs. After that, the rest was history!

I loved coming up with the concept of this gift!

Also 1000% OTP if MK had them.


Stream Sketch #45: Chun Michaels Li

If you can’t tell at this point from the Chie sketch, yes. I’m making a wrestling themed AU with @capnxero.  I’m super excited to add characters to this because on top of me doing the character designs, Xero is going to handle the bios and writing for the entire series! This covers one half of the tag team, the Rock-a-Belles.

Name: Chun Michaels Li

Nickname: Lightning Ox Kid

Finisher:Thunderbolt Superkick 

Age: 25

Height: 5’9"

Weight: Never ask a lady!

Billed From: San Diego, California

Status: Tag Team Competitor, One half of the tag team, The Rock-a-Belles

Yes she chose that name on purpose, Chun Michaels Li is member of the two time JPWF tag team champions, The Rock-a-Belles.  Being the smaller half of the two, Li is known mostly for her incredible speed and high risk maneuvers.  Even her finisher is a Superkick off of the top rope delivered with expert accuracy.  Li has a record of being the member who “sells” the match more, constantly throwing herself across the ring and ramping up the dramatics to an extreme level.  Her personality is extremely in-your-face and she has a history outside the ring as being the rockstar that her gimmick entails her to be.  Li has been arrested multiple times for boisterous behaviour and public indecency, and if she wasn’t such a fantastic talent on the roster, management would’ve fired her years ago and given her tag partner a singles push.