Serena is pretty good, she’s more interested in flaunting her new hair dye more than she is satisfying the man. She likes to make every moment of her life a Rotogram moment or… a moment for her adult social media accounts.

Claire is not great, but she’s getting used to doing it after not giving one in many… many years… Otherwise, her sunken cheeks and mature features fo make for a solid blowjob face.

Sabrina doesn’t give blowjobs, not being interested in men (on account of her being a lesbian lol) so she instead tried some interesting Halloween activities with her girlfriend Phoebe, mostly trick or treating. Innocent stuff like that.

They’re all decked out in their Halloween costumes for the season! Ehehehehe!

-Vogtilda the Wicked Witch.

Ankura was incredibly thankful for Rin reviving his two handmaidens… in fact, he even let some of her servants play with them as well. Kara in particular was able to entertain Kamyra by exercising her herculean strength of her species. Kara was able to support Kamyra’s entire body weight with a single finger in her; the split was just Kara getting cocky.  Mila found comfort in hugging Kamyl tightly and simply appreciating a frame large and wide, not much different to her own mistress (which might explain the obsession and hugging).  Ankura and Rin themselves enjoyed each other at around midday, with the two finally bonding together.

I kinda like Rin as a pairing with Ankura more than I do with Adell. Kinda like they treat each other as equals and respect each other’s royalty, especially with how they address each other.

So if dawn isnt into anal, how would she respond to someone wanting to eat her out, or something like that? O:

Dawn has never tried anything with women, so something like that is different for her. There’s an eager new intern at Amie-Girl and Dawn is willing to put in a good word for her to her boss in exchange for trying some GL. She’s finding that while she doesn’t get the same excitement as she does with men, Dawn likes having a gentle touch for a change.



I actually like Sabre as a character so I don’t doing off-hand lewds of her!

Every time I see you post a new drawing it makes me really happy

Welp, this gives me an excuse to draw a new character!

Adding Yuri as a potential new Pocket Mum. She’s really good at cooking and baking for all of the neighborhood children after a long day of outdoor activity. She is very good at cooking and dicing meats and vegetables, a home maker who spends most of her time running a cooking and and general mommy blog. She’s a nice lady for the most part but she doesn’t talk to the other women often, only really inviting Hilda and Serena over for a midday snack over coffee.


Inspired by this Mum Yuri I couldn’t turn down by @bunnyshadeow 

She just looks so precious.