Ask the Maheswarans Vol.1

I decided to put these two together because there are a lot of sequences with both Stevonnie and her mother, Priyanka. There is a bit of mother daughter love in this photoset and there are definitely some parts of both of their asks that are missing.

Cloud treats Morrigan very nicely.  While Rin likes to abuse her as much as possible, Cloud addresses Morrigan as “lady” and serves her like she would Rin. Whenever Mila makes a plate of food for her “child” Cloud takes it after everyone leaves the dinner table and gives it to Morrigan.  However, Morrigan sometimes lets the plate rot, not being used to eating a warm meal.  She sees it as a breach of conduct if she takes one bite.

I think these two make a cute pairing, Morrigan being new to being treated kindly and Cloud just trying to dutifully give love and affection.


Stream Sketch #11: BBW Motoko Kusanagi

A stream sketch that I did a few streams ago. Scratch another one off of the to do list.  I did this one to celebrate the trailer of the GITS movie. Motoko’s investigating a local drug circuit among high school students.  So she goes undercover and investigates perps in a very unusual way.

Cheers, mates.

Stream Sketch #21: Suu Hydrates

A stream sketch that I finished on a Whatever Wednesday stream, no less. I hit that randomizer and myself Suu from Monster Musume.  I thought I’d do something with two characters instead of the usual pin-up I do, just to keep things fresh.  It was pretty fun figuring out colors for shading/lighting a goo-girl, I tell ya hwhat.

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