1,000 Follower Celebration!


I just hit 1,000 followers on my tumblr page! And I want to thank all of you awesome people for getting me to this milestone! To celebrate, I’m going to be opening limited-5 slots for requesting artwork from yours truly! 


Now before everyone gets antsy, there are a few ground rules I’m setting out the gate:

  • Any pending commissions/commissioners cannot be moved to a request slot, but still receive priority over the five request slots.
  • In order to fill a slot, reblog this post with the name of the character and a photo of the character I can use for reference.
  • Specify body type in the post (i.e. Chubby Botan, etc.). If you would like, you can also reference a model for reference (i.e. Chubby Botan – Kana Miyagi)
  • Once the five slots are filled, I will post the list of the winners afterwards. 
  • The fourth and fifth slot might be subjected to lottery if the volume of requests gets too large.

Love you all!

 hugs, hugs, Vogol.💖

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