Finally finished the second set of Pocket Mums! I wanted to at least include characters from the first six regions of said RPG. Also finally ticked my yoga milf box so there you go.

Sabrina has been with her partner for only over a year. Since she’s new to dating and all of the hills and valleys that come with it, she’s afraid to marry her girlfriend and thinks she’s better off keeping her at arm’s length so that she can focus on improving herself. She spend a lot of time meditating and working as an assistant yoga instructor at the local gym. She’s know for being rather cold to strangers and only slightly warmer with friends and family.

Sareena is the trendy type, she always has a phone and selfie stick ready for when she has to take “lolworthy” photos and “kawaii” posts about her daughter, Gracie. She and her husband consider themselves very tech savvy, with Sareena buying a new laptop every two years.  Sareena reads a lot of Amie-Girl and follows Rotomgram trendsetters like Nadiva-C (Nadia) to constantly stay in the know. She and May are best friends and will shoot blogs together every Thursday night recapping fashion trends.

Clair is a retired widow. Her husband passed away a few years ago and she’s been single ever since, Clair takes great pride in her son, Marcus, who’s currently in his second year of college and her daughter, Maryanne who works as a lawyer.  Clair is a rather gentle and refined person, usually listening more so than talking, and providing her own insight and advice when necessary.  She likes to go out to see plays, go to art museums and high-end parties in Florama. She rarely hangs out with the others, except for the occasional cup of coffee with who she calls, “that jitterbug, Dawn”.

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