If I remember reading this correctly a while back, Ankura (Your Foxxy Grandpa Pharaoh lol) has large nipples for a male correct? Is it safe to assume that they’re super sensitive to touch and taste? Perhaps a weakspot for the former Pharaoh (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Ankura is very sensitive when his nipples are touched and tasted,  He’s used to men and women playing with them at the beginning of the night from the hundreds of people he’s been with.  In fact, when he was Pharaoh long ago, his nipples were something of legend amongst those who have graced his private chambers.  For a male they were pretty oversized, so much so that Ankura’s father would insist that his son cover them as much as possible.  Even a tiny draft would make Ankura tingle if they’re bare.


Oh yes Ankura’s a Foxxxy Grandpa.  That’s a fine lookin’ oldster.

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