Finally, finished Beatrix! It took a while but this was the primary project of the weekend. Getting these primary three intro sketches done.

Beatrix Marcia Aensland was created by a combination of spells and dark arts by Rin and is comprised of extracts of the house cat Fefe, Sareena and Rokzi.   Rin has the innate ability to trace the essence of people’s appearances and characteristics through the portals that Kara introduced her to.   In wanted to have a girl really badly after she spent some months with Lucian, while she loves her son dearly, she always felt like he was sometimes too delicate and gentle, especially seeing his sickly pale complexion.  Beatrix is a succubus with features of a kitsune (primarily stemming from Fefe’s animal genes), sporting a large fluffy tail and fox ears along with the thin head and body wings that are customary to Aensland blood. 

 She’s packed with energy often, running from place to place around the manor, and speaking quickly and often.  Her playful personality lightens up others, especially when she plays hide and seek, popping out to surprise people throughout the day.  The way Lucian is always carrying loads of books, Beatrix does so with her rubber ball, a companion she has with her all day long. Compared to her brother she’s much more colloquial, referring to Rin as “mama” instead of Lucian’s “mother” but still referring to other formally. She spends a lot of her time outdoors with chaperones or with her brother, playing sports and making friends with wild animals, in fact, she teases Lucian regularly for being a glorified shut-in.  Beatrix calls him “little Dandelion” and when Lucian tells on her, Rin laughs it off and pats both of them. Beatrix loves playing kickball and other sports with her mom most importantly, but Rin can only go a few rounds before her conditioning catches up to her.  Either way, she loves her little girl just as much as she does her son, and enjoys having a tiny bundle of excitement to break up the mundane drudgery.

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