Stream Sketch #61 (mini-comic): Chie Loses the Women’s Title

If you can’t tell at this point from the Chie sketch, yes. I’m making a wrestling themed AU with @capnxero.  I’m super excited to add characters to this because on top of me doing the character designs, Xero is going to handle the bios and writing for the entire series!

Chie had a championship match with up and coming JPWF Intercontinental Champion, “Miss” Tifa Lockhart. A known face for a long time, most fans were expecting a clean cut victory for Satonaka. But after a no disqualification stipulation was added to the match, Tifa took immediate advantage, stripping off the champion and pounding her with relentless low blows until Chie had no choice but to lose and save the humiliation. Tifa turned heel to win the Women’s Championship from perhaps one of the most talented wrestlers in the federation.

Hey, movin’ some plot forward…

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