Also, thinking about Rose, do you have any ideas what to do with her now that the big twist came out? (I know what the twist is but that’s pretty much it, still so far behind on the show). While I’d love to see you come up with a PD, I still adore your Rose



That twist actually REALLY drives a wedge into the AU, like, ESPECIALLY Stevonnie’s relationship with her mother. Since I have yet to make clear who the father is, it makes turning around as penciling in a new familial relationship between Stevonnie and RQ extra difficult.

That’s also because I wrote Stevonnie and the doctor’s family relation before that twist happened. I might just make RQ and PD not related to Stevonnie have the doctor either be Connie’s mother/stepmother, and RQ still STEVEN’S mother full stop just to simplify the mess I made myself from making assumptions, lol. Maybe PD is a separate gem, an obnoxious hanger-on in BD and YD’s two person band (running on stage mid set and screeching into the microphone)?

In all fairness, I wrote myself into a corner with this one.

I think it would be easiest to just keep Rose and PD separate in the au. I’ve always liked the idea of Priyanka having had a fling with Greg, like just a one night stand or something. Though that makes it weird with Rose being the mother of Steven. Though that depends on if you’d be okay with Steven and Connie being half-siblings. And is Stevonnie actually a fusion in the au or their own character?

It’s a tough situation lol

I’m actually thinking of making the fusion something that happened early on and they have yet to separate. Like Greg fathered Connie in a fling and Steven in another fling with RQ and the two fused after. Which would explain her genitals evolving and morphing over time. Stevonnie is probably the biggest rubiks cube to solve, but there’s something natural about Greg just running around Greg-ging it up with Priyanka and RQ.

Surely he sees his kids or… kid often…

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