Was rin when she was created looks more like Morrigan but thicc but now she’s more different from then?

Rin is still one of my favorite characters in terms of their development.  When she first started she really wasn’t much past a femdom selfcest character.  Like. She was originally not even called “Rin” at first she was just “Morrigan’s BBW Clone”. After investing a little more into the character she became a little more of just a standard BDSM mistress (and her weapon of choice was originally a nine-tails instead of the magical whip she would use later.  

Even her appearance went through about 4 drafts from her original appearance to now, even gaining a LOT of weight from her inception.  The AU itself also developed with her starting as something that was based in Earth until it became a fantasy realm with strange beasts roaming about.  Actually, one of my favorite parts of developing Rin was personality: she became more sympathetic overtime, to the point where she has a son and daughter whom she takes on playful vacations.  


NGL, this August kinda gave me a chance to look at the character’s development over her two years and I can say that out of every character I’ve ever made, Rin Aensland was the most fun to watch grow.

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