Has ND joined Lucian on the beach? Assuming ND went with them (is the entire castle empty and with them? Can’t remember.)

Priscilla: Ummm… yes, that is a good looking neck– 4000 gold shillings? oh dear… that’s so much money, Master Lucian…M-mistress Rin is trying to s-save money for the winter quater.

Lucian: What do you think of this one, nd? Do you like it? I’ve never seen seashells in my life… they look so niceand interesting.

ND: That’s very very pretty, lucian!  I think it’ll look very cute on you! I actually have some friends in Bolaria’s coast and that seashell is supposed to be really rare!


Priscilla: M-master Lucian! Your mother will not be happy that you spent ND’s allowance! That comes out of our budget! please refund that necklace! it’s too, too expensive!

Lucian: th…thank you for buying me this seashell necklace, ND…. oh…um… i didn’t see you were h-holding m…my hand… um… where to n..next?

ND: Let’s go to the  beach, Lucian! I wanna hear you read to me some more! you have such a cute voice! And i love watching the waves…


Poor Priscilla just wants to save money, but Lucian is just so smitten by ND’s relaxed personality. Sure, Rin has become a little more relaxed with who chaperones them, now giving that responsibility to her accountant, but she still wants Lucian to take it slow with ND, hoping that he gets a chance to enjoy his vacation with his crush.

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