Full Resolution    (Updated)

Okay so this is my variation on a commission I completed this morning (The  commissioner requested that I kept their version private, so I did my my own to release publicly. The main differences being, Aqua’s ass size, and the jokes/extra panels are removed from their version.

Now a long list of mentions. The ref I was given for this image was a render by  @vekkte Whom I asked permission to mention them in this post beforehand.


Next, a few of the character on the side panels are ocs of some hentai Artists.  @fvatrtnyuh09 @lorisorsfm @queen-anura @vogolsart @wholewheatjamart And a zone tan Cosplayer sitting next to Zone-tan

Pam makes a cameo in the lower left corner and he’s just being Pam, jilling off to something sexy. Lol~

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