Peridot from Steven universe, Pidge from voltron: legendary defender and bee from the bee and puppycat pilot. It’s strange I know

A reference to this meme I posted!

Ahhh! Anon you’re so right! 

I can see myself as being a bit of Bee in the sense that I do impulse things a lot and I least TRY to be nice to people. I like to eat. I like to eat a LOT! So that is def a part of Bee that I can gel with. And (DOUBLE AHH!) I love Bee and Puppycat I used to read it in college! 


Of course, Peridot too. I’m a little gremlin on the interwebs and whenever I see mems I get really weird and twitchy. If I were to describe my meme self in one picture it would be that bit where Peridot is dancing with the frog in the desert. Haha!


Pidge was a good choice too! I kinda look like Pidge so that’s a plus, lol! I’m only snarky like Pidge whenever I get a mean troll on here.  Because like. I think most of my followers who’ve been with me for a least a year know by now. Like.


I can go from 1 to bitch in like 30 seconds.

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