Addition to the Stecian ask meme I sent: thought about it and figure Lucian would be bottom. As much as I would LOVE to see him make use of dat biggus dickus of his, I just love the idea of him/a big dicked boi being a bottom. Especially with Stevie who has a cute and unimposing dick. All hypothetical of course. Those two are too pure and wholesome to canonically go at it :p



You see, with that I’d pair Lucian with the older Stevie wherein Stevie’s penis started to develop. It’s very tiny, but by then she’s matured enough sexually to know how to handle having such a small size. But even present Stevie would probably be top just to explore how it feels to be top. Lucian is FAR too meek and shy to be top. And yeah… it would take a Biggoron’s sword trade route-amount of sequences for Stevie and Lucian to actually bang. They’d play and fondle, but it might only en with Stevie fingering Lucian or giving him a hand job.  Lucian is INCREDIBLY scared to go all the way with anyone.  But if anyone would guide him through that, it would be MILF Stevie~

Aaawww, I like the thought of MILF Stevie being a sorta ‘guide’ for Lucian. Makes me wonder which would be better in the ‘slice of life’ au, MILF Stevie or normal Stevie?

It’s the difference between how she’ll be in his life, either a galpal ot a “Mrs. Robinson” type. Although I have done the “guiding mother” dynamic when Mama Oxton was teaching her most precious “daughter” Alisa how to use a strapon on her~💖💖💖

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