Who’s Nerel? Don’t know if I’ve ever caught that name before. Tried to search posts but nothing is coming up for some reason (even did a ‘Lucian’ search and got nothing (probably a problem on my end))



Good! Question!


Back when Yagami was male, he was married to a young priestess, Nerel. The two were very much in love until Yagami began to step out on his wife; Nerel was none the wiser to the situation, due to her spending so much time with the sages and high priests.  She was more drawn to studying the gods as she began to learn of her husband’s actions and of his many mistresses. Eventually her heart could not stand his ways and she walked out on him. Nerel never looked back after leaving her husband to enjoy his mistresses, especially the busty Pub Owner, Tanya.  Rin especially was not kind to finding out about a man who took such advantage of a woman and sought to punish him by capturing him and forcing him to prostitute himself on the streets to earn his food.

Nerel has not been heard from again since she left Wimbourne. Some say that Nerel fled to Steym and continued her obsession with her piety to the point of abject perversion.

Ooof, hope we get to learn more about Nerel


Who knows! I might come back to Nerel at some point in the future. If only because the concept of a divine righteousness being an ANTAGONISTIC trait? 

Is badass.


…And a little hot~💖💖💖

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