Helizuke/Elizuke94 is on Newgrounds now. Warning.

I’m posting in this forum to warn peoople: Elizuke 94 is now on Newgrounds. For those who don’t know, Elizuke94/HelizukeWolfKnight/Hel1zuke (on Newgrounds) is a recurring issue for anyone who draws NSFW on deviantART. “She” likes to press people relentlessly for requests that involve large mammories, parachutes, parachutes, parachutes, lesbian/yuri and parachutes. This person likes people who like “her” fetish and violently hates people who disagree with “her”. I’d rather not get into the full story between me and Elizuke but it’s suffice to say that this person has been a thorn in my side. Whenever she’s angry, she has a tendency to sick her white knights at people and for those that don’t “respect” her, she goes into crazy cursing tirades with. Even if she made a blog post saying that she’s changed that doesn’t change the fact that she still has a large lack of immaturity. I’ll take responsibility for immediately blocking “her” on sight but PLEASE click this link to her article on Encyclopedia Dramatica. I usually don’t forward sources, but this person is beyond cancerous and will do anything in their power to try to “earn respect”. It just smacks to me as someone who spends way too much time on the internet trying to gain props from people who generally don’t really care about you. I’m sure there are people who are familiar with her from some reaches of the internet, but be weary, Elizuke doesn’t like to leave well enough alone.

Elizuke’s apology from a couple of days ago… Whilst still trying to curse people out.

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